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heard in a parked car the regime broke down the love. i think rock the bomb is beautiful and funny well. whenever government shows they're going to keep you safe get ready because you get the other freedoms. but the originator here would like a little. luck and they alone a fellow you know get the real headline with none of them or see the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually mattered to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged welcomes a big picture. above me. hi guys it's time for you said it i read it right take time to respond to our
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brilliant and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you tube because you've got some to say i do listen now yesterday we did a segment on the show about shareholders taking on bank of america from both inside and out at their shareholders meeting in charlotte and gary lee rose commented on facebook saying shareholders want profits not losses customers need to move their money problem solved overnight move your money or now of course shareholders want profits but i think if they also want fairness they also want to be invested in a company who doesn't use their money to donate to political campaigns they may not agree with and the millions of americans who have had their for one k.'s invested in bank of america well they also want a safe place for their money a place where they can trust that it won't be used for risky trades and help bring down the world economy and unfortunately the protests against the there are likely to change the banks behavior any time soon and in fact the resolution introduced today at the meeting to ban the company from using bank of america treasury funds
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for political donations all that fails so our viewer is definitely on to something if you want to really stick it to the banks moving your money it's a good way to do it and next i want to respond to a viewer that's taken issue with a phrase that i've used a couple of times on the show recently michael mann's he commented on facebook saying i don't like the term religious right because that's the equivalent of saying the left is all atheistic which is obviously not true now i get what michael saying here but i'm not sure about the quibble and see what he claims when i say religious right i don't mean to say that every on the right is religious or that everyone on the left is not i'm referring to the very powerful political coalition between the conservative right and evangelical religious groups on social issues for the most part even if everybody on the right is a religious which certainly they all are and they know that it's pretty damn hard to get elected without evangelical leaders across the country on their side to rally the troops so no not every left as an atheist not every right as an evangelical but the fact. if there is
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a powerful coalition between the right and religious groups well it's pretty hard not to see and finally the man said on facebook dammit alona you've made me addicted to your show now i had to go and have the d.v.r. record you every day you know that's all part of the plan to get you all hooked and then have you spread the word that my ranting today but i'll be back with more as usual next week. the sky. the line will come down. so last year carriers will be singing. and i we have a glimmer of hope when it comes to keeping law enforcement in check and the past we've discussed how three states massachusetts maryland and illinois all have laws in place that ban you from filming police officers but thanks for the growing attention around the absurd use of older laws to apply to today's world where most everybody has a recording device on them in the form of a cellphone at least opposition in illinois to reverse the law has been formed even
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though it's actually been in place since the sixty's the under the eavesdropping law in illinois people are prohibited from recording audio public conversations without the consent of everyone involved is a class one felony if you violate the law it could come with a fifteen year prison sentence and sadly we've actually seen examples of this ridiculous lobbying force think back to last year when illinois resident michael allison filmed a police officer while he was on duty and he was then hit with five felony charges so do the math five charges each with fifteen years in jail and allison could be facing seventy five years behind bars and that's the kind of punishment usually reserved for rapists but apparently not in illinois. does it make any sense. for one thing the statute as it's written can be interpreted any which way. while some isn't the only one who's been made an example of take the case of louis fro a man who recorded his encounter with
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a police officer after being pulled over for speeding despite the fact that the police car was recording the entire conversation video and audio the officer still arrested for zero for violating the eavesdropping law and recording him so he filed a suit in federal court questioning its constitutionality. they had to want to know when they had to do on me but i'm not allowed to do it to them in a private car on a public street and it's a public official why shouldn't i be able to record what's going on so i can prove my innocence now for all that's been joined by several others who have questioned whether or not the draconian law violates the first amendment but here's where the glimmer of hope actually comes it seems as if more and more people have been calling on the state to reverse as eavesdropping law they've actually been listening in fact chicago officials have already announced they won't be enforcing it during the nato summit later this month a move that's been cheered obviously by protesters but there's also more permanent efforts to remove the criminal law on the books elaine neck a state representative has been
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a long time opponent and so she is working very hard to create bills to try to overturn this law but she's had to revise the bill several times after lobbyists for police have argued vehemently the people can edit her doctor the video putting police in a bad light so she went back to the drawing board revise the bill to address that issue and in a recent press conference said that she feels very strongly the lawmakers will support her proposal we think we have some momentum in the illinois house too for to have a different outcome on this vote the advocates in been working very hard talking to members making sure that members really understand the implications of this bill and why this bill is important at this time. and on necker it's been hammering away on the legislature they see. he was brought its concerns to the state's judicial branch they've had a lawsuit in the works since two thousand and ten contesting the constitutionally constitutionality of this law but a lower appeals court deferred on making a decision so now the seventh u.s. circuit court of appeals has weighed in and the justices think of the law likely
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violates the first amendment so they were officially called on the lower courts to make a declaration as to whether or not the dropping law is unconstitutional but in the meantime they're barring anybody from being arrested under the law and federal judge diane sykes sent the little records in the following direction she said defending the broad sweep of the statute the state attorneys rely on the government's interest in protecting conversational privacy but that interest is not implicated when police officers are performing their duties in public places and engaging in public communications audible to persons who witness the events so while we wait for an official decision several signs are pointing towards a reversal of eavesdropping of this eavesdropping law in illinois and despite the outcry from cops who say they need this for their own protection seems like judges lawmakers they do want to protect the public as well and so i would say that's a true glimmer of hope. now stick around we're going to take one last break but when we come back republican senate hopeful has an interesting take on bipartisanship that's when you're tonight's told time award and then we discussed
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obama's gay marriage evolution on another dose of happy hour with jenny churchill and christine there's a. lot of american power continue. on our job. might be time. i mean. you were very good dog. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry is a big issue. here
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is what i. like and they alone are so they'll get the real headline with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. .
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welcome to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. hi guys it's time for tonight's tool time and tonight the award goes to richard murdoch are usually when you think of the word tool and the name murdoch and the australian media mogul rupert the comes to mind but after last night's indiana republican senatorial primary there's a new murdoch in tool to help see murdoch indiana's state treasurer will he defeated thirty six year incumbent dick lugar last night to win the g.o.p. nomination for this november's election and the challenger was backed by tea party ideologues and losers defeat caused a lot of pundits and senators out there to mourn the so-called death of bipartisanship in washington that is a favorite pastime of beltway insiders now of course this claim my theme somewhat
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silly at first i mean we've all heard of a trillion times right so it's true that lugar did work with democrats on legislation from time to time but this time around he actually pissed off financial sector lobbyists and they decided to cast their lot with murdoch importantly father who was on the show yesterday talking about oil speculators lobbyist who were upset wall street by opposing its bid to delay limits placed on fees the banks can charge for credit card swipe fees so bank parents mad at a republican who wouldn't play by their rules they bankroll his demise so there is anything really that new here well as it turns out they're sort of as you see murdoch at his best to make the clich├ęd observers look smart when he won and as n.b.c. this morning to lay out his vision of bipartisanship take a look. you have said that there needs to be more partisanship in washington how do you square that with the legislative. well what i've said is i certainly think that bipartisanship father consist of democrats coming to the republican point of view
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we entered this campaign wanting to be a voice and hoping to give more of a national voice to the ideas that republicans and more specifically conservatives would be in the majority of the united states senate and the house and hopefully that we have a republican in the white house if we do that bipartisanship means they have to come our way. so what if the republicans don't. and up with the senate majority one of mitt romney loses the election we have a pretty good idea of how murdoch would try to legislate then he just would he would just try to block the democrats and governing so he could then turn to his constituents blame all the nation's problems on democrats and hopefully that his vision of creating a defacto one party state could eventually be fulfilled but this idea that the democrats up to fall in line it's nothing new since the reagan years democrats are for whatever reason throw their weight behind some pretty insane republican policies absurd defense spending the war on drugs tax cuts for the rich financial deregulation the war on terror including the patriot act the iraq war making all of
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those things bipartisan you name a whacked out right wing proposal over the past few decades that republicans can criticize you for being soft on and democrats have generally stood behind it with a few obvious exceptions but rarely is the idea articulated so shamelessly but murdoch does do a pretty excellent job here so because of murdoch's twisted definition of bipartisanship republicans could lose literacy in november and murdoch is up against democratic u.s. congressman joe donnelly and there's always the possibility that a moderate republican might run as an independent but either way the g.o.p. is the left vulnerable by supporting this guy i mean murdoch's definition of cooperation is to not cooperate at all the guy is a kindergarten teacher is a nightmare what's even scarier is that his view of bipartisanship is what often ends up happening republicans proposed crazy stuff democrats and of caving in supporting it too and while the republican party has always had a stubborn militant wing and the death of bipartisanship is overhyped by the media richard murdoch's bizarre take on cooperating earns him tonight's tool time award.
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all right it is time for happy hour and joining me this evening is alone a show producer jenny churchill and r t correspondent christine. hello lady the red with the red hair looking good let's start with a really big announcement that was made by president obama today take a look. in a certain point i've just concluded that. for me personally. it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think certain search should be able to. i mean personally i thought it was a pretty muted very mellow way to go into it as he first said they thought civil
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unions would be enough yada yada yada he didn't say you know this is a civil rights issue of our time but at the same time this is the first time a sitting president has ever actually been able to come out and say i support gay marriage so i mean it is a big moment either way and you know since the announcement came out i've been hearing so much about oh my gosh obama's a flip flop or it's not just romney but i really don't think that it's a flip flop i think that as he said from day one as biden said over the weekend obama was evolving on the issue was thinking about it. so every political he got up as late as that. first and foremost obama i salute you for standing up for gay rights. ok be ashamed of yourself because your excuse for not coming out sooner was that you knew that the word marriage was touchy for voters really you couldn't stand up and say what you thought was right i'm going to do the right little but i think point is he's
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a politician really home to him he's our president he's supposed to do the right thing whether or not it's the right thing politically to do the right thing for the american people do evolve though also i mean senator byrd was in favor of you know separate but equal and till you know back when he was a senator in his early years and then in the ninety's or the seventy's you know he thought that people who say are you going to rob him he will change and i do nobody really knows what happened i think that obama was just you know i think it's trying to play it safe trying to play its cards right and on one hand look at this right before the election right before he goes to hollywood what are you a good hearty and george clooney two thousand is going to get all the donations from but still the number of days he's putting himself more at risk group now for how he goes yeah i mean i doing it too. for the election i agree i think that now it's a good thing i think fact to not do it before because you were concerned about how it would poll with both voters basically is being a cancer that i think it's too bad because it's like i said it is a civil rights issue one of these days we're all going to look back on it and say i
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can't believe that you know this is like saying that women can't vote or yada yada but you know it's what most politicians do and so at least it's a nice first step in this direction to where it's going to be acceptable and i hope that that's going to be the norm and polls now say that more than half the country thinks it's ok it's like joining america you know i think pretending that don't exist in politics is ignorant ok we have one of the so let's move on though because we're not exactly done with this with this gay marriage stuff here because you know what obama says is that he thinks that it's up to the states to decide. this is what happens when you let states decide leg north carolina vote last night. amendment one in north carolina according to the associated press will this is a very very broadly drawn amendment that not only doubly triply quadruple the already banned gay marriage in north carolina but denies any sort of legal recognition to any other form of bond between married couples now there's been a lot of that's been debated for hours on every other channel out there we kind of
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wanted to bring that up and then you know juxtapose it with something it's happening in california where politicians are actually going to vote on a first of its kind to ban on a controversial form of psychotherapy where these therapist claim that they can actually turn gay people straight what's your take on that i mean i think that that's i disagree that those therapies work as the chief psychologist that was used as an example in a former court case has since apologized to the gay community and said in fact these therapies don't work good however however. i think that everywhere and it again i think they're going to play banning people who say that they can speak to the spirit speak to the deaf people because some people think that they can't and granted some people have said that they've gone through this therapy and have changed now whether or not that's the case and certainly what this the person who's wrote this bill said is that it also leads people to suicide because they feel like they're unchangeable i think that oftentimes these therapies we're talking about
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minors we're talking about people who don't make their own decisions and who go to these therapies and if it really is harmful to them if there's evidence that it's harmful to them i think it should stop however i think you need to be careful about banning things like this because you know there's tons of therapies people do that other people think are insane or ridiculous that are total gimmicks there are things that are but again it's up to the states so whatever california decides i think we have to go it right as the how it works therapy doesn't matter where they write certain cerebration c. fans you know a lot of people think therapy in general doesn't work you know exactly what i want to do it's not work actually i think if it's proven to be harmful it out should. you actually can get a certification to be a turn gay straight therapist but it's just crazy to me maybe there needs to be like a smoker's warning like this has been known to cause. facts and what it's about isn't it. i don't know why it was just funny because one basically
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obama when it comes to west virginia he's got some tough competition in the primary there to look. guide was convicted of extortion in one nine hundred ninety nine he unsuccessfully he'll be back in action more than one hundred eighty times but yesterday it was pretty successful when it came to grabbing votes in our state in fact one in three democratic primary voters chose hand over president obama giving him forty point six percent of the total vote. but i don't have a i don't even know how this guy could be on a ballot in west virginia considering he's in jail in texas and you obviously how can you run for office if you're still in jail these are all just you know questions let's just brush to the side but did you see guys ponytail that's a bowling. ball that's a mullet and we've got some like two telling going on where he's been raining at the top and doing great people as a junior really don't like obama as i was part of this is about to say keith judd
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did not own most to win that primary obama almost beat obama in that primary clearly and also i mean i i'm wondering if that guy's somewhat related to ashley judd like west virginia kentucky. or he received over forty percent of at least one if not more delegates to represent him at the democratic national convention i already told our correspondent will be going to that convention that that is a must get interview. all he would dearly want to go if he did ham but you don't get what he can't even vote for himself outrageous like he can run for office but he can't vote for him self maybe when you look at laws a good one guy's good one west virginia. let's move on to the me this is a story we covered earlier this week we talked about the f. twenty two the problems associated with the not only cost overruns and maintenance and all that stuff but of course some of the health issues they were having that they focused on on sixty minutes this past weekend and i show you a clip of these two pilots that decided to come out and speak to sixty minutes
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because they said that they would no longer fly these planes because they felt they were unsafe to fly. well that's twenty two pilots the vast majority will be coughing a lot of times other things laying down for bed at night after flying and getting just the spinning room feeling dizziness tumbling vertigo kind of stuff. so what was happening is that they were they went to a congressman to try to seek protection under a whistleblower act because in the air force if you say i don't want to fly then they can just fire you they ended up getting the protection but now it turns out that the two pilots said. excuse me feel more comfortable about flying because they remove this charcoal filter losing my with. that is supposed to somehow make it better but it's to me just seems a little fishy like you come out you speak sixty minutes interview you get the protection. and then i'm going to find you and i just feel like someone else
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there's look i mean arms in the background obviously the point of them going on sixty minutes was to try to raise concerns about what was happening and try to get a fix they didn't want to not be pilots anymore it's not that they don't want to fly the planes they don't want to be sick. so this is actually the end goal there but it seems a little odd that like what three days later it's all sunshine and rainbows you don't want to lower is active they're not allowed to lose their job for going forward it doesn't mean that there are higher ups in the military can't threaten them in other ways we don't know what happened here but i know that the way having covered the military for years both in savannah georgia and in san diego i know that there is a protocol and if you speak out of turn especially in uniform to the media that is a very bad thing for the fact they got protection was the right thing to do why was the charcoal part there in the first place i don't know but the fact that it's now removed so it's ok you know that initial fix that i actually thought was going to be a fix that it turns out the charcoal was just seeping out into the air filters and so when they had to remove that as well we've been reporting on this for seven
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eight months now and if that was really all it took to fix it i'm a little concerned about the decision making process there that if they could have fixed this eight months ago by just doing that i think alone or that you're right and fishy here. and right we can there's a little bit of why but will they actually fly. well this idea is so much fun i love this story blue sea basically this is the one that promises to house high tech companies on the high seas outside the reach of government so it's called silicon valley visa free offshore start a community take a look. it's creating a visa free technology contributor for startups twelve miles outside of the coast of silicon valley on a ship it is a place where entrepreneurs will be able to come from any part of the world and connect into silicon valley's ecosystem and create the companies and create the
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technologies of tomorrow. i love that idea it's i mean i don't really know if it's going to work they say one hundred eighty one companies have already basically shown their interest why has nobody thought of this before well pirate bay thought of just having all the road in this guy so that they could be so you know subjected to any laws of the land but. it is i don't know how well it's going to work because what you've got or this is these a focused and you're just right off the shore and you're still doing business you would still have to work within silicon valley so you don't sit on a minimum wage in california these are tons of things shall i say i'm going to door for exploitation i know it wasn't mentioned but if you're off shore i think that you might have some other some other rules that i don't have to follow they literally say they are just offshore of silicon valley putting them you know not think you know when you're not in the country which means you don't have to pay you know follow federal standards i think there's good also means it also means that
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federal standards on other things that start ups are often hampered by laws that don't make sense that aren't for technology things like that also don't apply to you and i you listen and i honestly i'm surprised that they only have one hundred eighty one companies interested because how many times have we heard that like oh innovations being stifled and so on you know i wonder if people obviously are a little skeptical as to how realistic it would be but it does look like a cruise ship it's like who doesn't want to be not going to ship our guys that are out of a thanks for joining me tonight that is it for tonight's show thank you for tuning in and make sure that you come back tomorrow we're going to be covering the latest on environmental activists tend to chris. for as oral arguments are going to be heard before the tenth circuit u.s. court of appeals in denver in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the along the show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch you tube dot com slash ilona shot coming up next is the news.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm targeting welcome to the big picture. there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism honest we.
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